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MMUK MAN Anti-Shine Powder


There are not many male make-up brands available online or in store. More and more men are using make-up to cover those dark circles, blend those blemishes away or even just to make those eyes pop with  an eyeliner.

MMUK MAN are a male make-up cosmetic brand, launching their first store in Brighton this summer. So, as you can guess when the opportunity came along to review their products and to blog for them I was beyond happy. MMUK MAN manufacture their own brand of cosmetic make-up scientifically formulated and designed for Male skin, they also stock other branded products too including Guyliner by TAXI.

It is necessary to always start with the basics hence why this review is on one of my favourite products from MMUK MAN and an essential – Anti-Shine powder.

According to dermatological experts Men have almost 20% thicker and oilier skin than women, hence the fact that men tend to have shiner or greasier T-Zone area.

If you want to knock out that shine effectively then this product certainly is a must have.

MMUK MAN Anti-Shine Powder was specifically developed to blot out the excess oils (sebum) with an undetectable, flawless look. This translucent extra fine powder is easily applied shortly after moisturising and lasts for up to 10 hours. Throughout reviewing and testing this product, the Anti- shine powder can also be applied as a setting powder after applying make-up. Instantly the powder absorbs any oils and helps smooth skin surface and minimises pores, leaving your skin with that Matte finish.

MMUK MAN Anti-Shine Powder prevents unwanted dull effects and creates a pleasant feeling on the skin. Anti-Shine Powder is colorless and is especially effective for the additional matting effects when wanting to look your best.

Anti-shine powder is an essential and ‘must have’ product.

  • Blots out excess oils
  • Leaves skin with a natural Matte finish
  • super easily applied
  • compact
  • for all skin types

Although some people may not have an oily skin type, this product helps prevent any breakouts of oil on your skin throughout your day.

For those that apply make-up and have an oily skin type, it is common that re-applying make-up throughout the day is required (more so the T-zone area). This product defiantly will reduce the amount of times you re-apply makeup.

I would highly recommend the anti-shine powder and believe it is one of the most important makeup items to have especially if you are not familiar with using makeup products and unsure what to get.

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