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Sometimes Men need a little help when it comes to choosing grooming products- not least choosing the right products for their skin type.

With the increase of male grooming products on the market, buying or even changing to a new brand of product can not only be confusing but slightly intimidating. More so, when it comes to understanding the benefits of natural or aromatherapy based ingredients within them.

I have spent years researching and studying the benefits of natural and aromatherapy based products which led to creating my own brand of essential oils therefore I fully comprehend the science behind cosmetic products.

I was extremely fortunate to be asked by Mancave INC to review some of their products which launched back in 2012. The reason I was keen on providing a review was for the fact that their products use natural ingredients, highly effective and at a fair price.

Mancave inc concept is;

“Our ingredient-focused approach delivers a natural grooming regime packed with essential oils and premium natural extracts, artfully tailored to the needs of the modern man. By omitting harmful ingredients, ManCave provides vegan friendly products that are free from parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals and are never tested on animals.”

ManCave Texturising paste

The ManCave Texturising Hair Paste gives a medium hold and is great for those messy or surfer hair styles. Personally, I felt this product was great for those who touch or play with their hair a lot during the day as it doesn’t have that stickiness feel which some brands do, plus I felt it was easy to distribute throughout the hair.

This product has the fragrance of ‘whiskey’ Yes, you read that right!

The scent alone makes this a unique product.

This product is infused with Caffeine, Shea Butter & Grapeseed Oil. These main ingredients are great for stimulating hair follicles helping healthy hair growth, moisturising hair scalp and includes a natural UV light protector.

Overall a great product and definitely would recommend.

ManCave Protective Moisturiser

This product is light on the skin and feels great after the first use. This moisturiser contains UVA Filters to help protect from UV rays and absorbs really quickly into the skin.

Over the days, I used this product my skin felt hydrated and seemed smoother. This product is designer to lock in moisture and is aimed to counteract signs of premature ageing.

The Mancave has a SPF 20 therefore made for the great outdoors, using Rosehip oil and Vitamin E to protect the skin from environmental pollution.

This product overall is a good moisturiser and provides an added protection to your skin in this summer season. (I must stress this is NOT a substitute for sun protector Lotion) It just contains an added protection within its natural ingredients.

I would definitely recommend you to try their range, they offer a selection of products and their packaging looks great. I am really pleased with the results and the products prides itself using natural and aromatherapy ingredients.

I certainly will provide more reviews on their range of products, and because I love the ones I have reviewed so far, I feel it necessary to offer you a discount on their products so you can experience what I have.

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