KAYOMO LAB Project 001 has engineered an essential addition to the contemporary working wardrobe that achieves both practicality and sartorial elegance.

Inspired by the Japanese kimono design, KAYOMO LAB has launched a collection of long sleeved and sleeveless jackets called Project 001, which can be seamlessly worn from the actively professional day, to a social evening.

The foundation of the garment is versatility. KAYOMO LAB has identified a customer who is either male or female; an ageless individual fitting into the modern mantra of work/life integration. This individual needs an aspect of their wardrobe to be styled for business meetings, followed by a drink after work. It is reliable and traditional in its manufacturing, but has a fresh take on the everyday professional ensemble.

Inspired by the expression, “If you want to dress well, do as the Italians do,” the brand is heavily influenced by Italian materials, style and craft. The uniquely Italian understanding and appreciation of artisanal production would become integral to the brand’s identity.

Project 001 is produced in a factory by machine, but a team of tailors hand finish each piece to ensure a high standard of craftsmanship. Maintaining an ethos of making something classic new again, KAYOMO LAB exclusively sources vintage fabrics from esteemed fashion houses such as Valentino and Missoni to reinvent old favourites in a new silhouette. It is a pillar of Project 001 to create one of a kind garments. Each garment is made more significant and only makes the handcraft element of production more important to get absolutely right. No detail is overlooked; every piece receives the attention it deserves for the discerning client.

The customer is successful, but still working. The price point must be accessible but reflect the quality and hard work that goes into production.

Pieces from KAYOMO LAB Project 001 will be a welcome addition to the independently minded individual who works on their own terms. To this brand, the art form of Italian tailoring and craft remains a fundamental part of fine fashion, successfully fusing the creative and the pragmatic.

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